Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Effects Of 'Rempit'

SEREMBAN - Due to a dangerous riding a motorcycle eight years ago, a man received the consequences when sentenced for 20 months and fined RM8, 000 by the Seremban Magistrate's Court here yesterday.

The accused, Mohd Sukiman Maidin, 29, was ordered jailed started yesterday and another four months in jail for failure to pay bail.

In fact the charge, Mohd Sukiman, who is a chef at a restaurant near here, riding a Yamaha motorcycle type of socialization is dangerous at traffic lights near the Paroi Stadium about 1:30 am on April 29, 2001.

: He who was 21 years old convicted under Section 41 (1) Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987.

Mohd Sukiman surprised once said Magistrate Mohd Izuddin Zulkefly menyabitkannya with the charge after finding that the prosecution had proven the case beyond reasonable doubt.

Mohd Izuddin during sentencing, said the punishment was intended to serve as a lesson to the accused to repent and not repeat it in the future.

The accused will be sent to the Kajang prison to undergo the sentence passed on him.

Meanwhile, family members including his mother accused were present appeared to follow the trial proceedings yesterday.

Prosecution is prosecuting officer, Chief Inspector Jusman Ahmad, while the accused is represented by counsel, Amiruddin Tunku Tunku Yusof.

Tuesday December 12, 2006

Mat Rempit can mess up tourism

PENANG: The growing menace of Mat Rempit in Penang will affect efforts to promote the state as a tourism destination if it is not curbed fast.
Expressing concern, Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said the problem should be nipped in the bud.
The problem would affect the state’s efforts to woo tourists, especially for Visit Malaysia Year 2007, he said.
“Surely the tourists will want to think twice about coming to Penang if we have cases of Mat Rempit going around on a robbing spree,'' he told reporters after launching D-pomelo Sdn Bhd's inaugural e-loyalty system website known as Meal Avenue.
He was commenting on the early Sunday morning incident where groups of Mat Rempit had gone on a robbing spree in Seberang Prai.
Two groups of Mat Rempit robbed a family of four and another man of a total of RM750 in separate incidents between 4am and 5am.
The family was robbed of RM500 while the motorist was robbed of RM250.
Dr Koh said the police and relevant authorities would have to take swift and stern action to stop such incidents.
Such incidents caused bodily harm to people and damage to properties, and also tarnished the image of the state and country, he said.
“The public can cooperate by using the Rakan COP hotline or send a SMS on such activities to help the police to act fast,” he said.


  1. In my opinion, between as a result of this mat rempit activity are upgrading moral collapse problem or moral among youth. This case because frequent mat rempit doing things such as free association, free sex, illegal racing and drug addiction. This will destroy their moral.

  2. Thats right Mr Haikal! But I want to add some effect of 'Mat Rempit'. For me, 'Mat Rempit' also could be tarnished our country's image. when foreign tourist travel to our country and they see 'Mat Rempit' was doing actions such as whillie would be controversial view that negative on our country.

  3. I totally agree with Mr Kamal opinion. The foreign sure will be surprised when they see the action of 'malaysian superman'. But i think the action of mat rempit also may be possible to tourists to come to malaysia again.

  4. Yes. Illegal street races (mat rempit)give the impression of lawlessness in the country and can undermine inbound tourism. The action of a small section of society that did not care for the safety of others could tarnish the image of the country. Actually, tourism plays more dominant role to boost the national income. As we know, Malaysia is one of the favourite place that most of the tourists choose. So, we have to fix this problem from become more serious in future.

  5. I hope this punishment can be a lessons to all mat rempit and do not involved in illegal racing,because this activity actually troubling all parties include the government.

  6. I would like to add another opinion. In my opinion, this mat rempit activity would be wasting national fund. This is because, government will be finishing a lot of money to fight this activity . For example, government needs a lot of money to make campaign prevent illegal racing.

  7. Well,as a Malaysian,we should contribute to our country,not let the country contribute to you.


  8. Actually, do we realise that 'mat rempit' activity will effects their selves. More of their time will be wasted with unbenafit activity like riding their motorcycle without having an objective and destination. In addition, they also cost their life with endanger and risky bike riding like an example in one situation where they tried to escape their selves from police road block with through a wrong way. It just my opinion, do you agree with that?

  9. yes..i agree with your the effect of mat rempit is wasting of work resources to country. this is because they can contribute their energy and time to develop our country instead of joining mat rempit...what do you think guys????????????

  10. I am very agree with your opinions.Please all mat rempit,leave your rempit activity,do some benefits work.Go work anywhere and earn your own money bro...Do not ask the money from your mom,its embarassing a men! =,="

  11. Thats right Mr Syafnan..Government need all of teenagers energy to develop this country..

  12. yes! actually this young group play an important role in the development of country. "Teenagers today are the leaders of tomorrow". That's the common phrases we hear when talking about teenagers. They will be taking over the leadership of the country. So, it is important for this young people are given clear instruction and knowledge. If not, who will be the leader for the next generation.

  13. I agree with you Miss Nabila..,if this problem can't be settle, maybe the prime minister of malaysia at year 2020 is mat rempit...hehe

  14. Mr Haikal, thats too much~ haha
    Back to the aim, 'mat rempit' effects to religion. From their activity, it will make the image of religion drop. For example, they always do something unbenefit activity like hang out with their friends that will neglect the religion needed like prays. They also being alcoholic and having a free life style like having a sex before married although religion did not pleased us to do that and leave religion guide either.

  15. Yes!!Thats right Miss Nabila.Other than can destroy our religous dignity, the other effect of 'Mat Rempit' is can destroy their's family dignity.So, thier parent will get shame.

  16. That is true Mr Kamal. Mat rempit also can give a negative effect to family, especially parents. They have to face with many people around them, like neighbors, relative and many more. It can give a bad image from other toward their family and drop family dignity.