Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Activities Of 'Mat Rempit'

'Mat Rempit' Showing Off Their Creativities Modified Motorcycles

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IPOH: About 5,000 die-hard fans of classic and modified cars and motorcycles gathered as early as 8am at the Dataran MBI here on Saturday to witness the 1Malaysia Autoshow Carnival 2011.

The event which ended about midnight was organised by the Perak state government, RKF management and Extreme Motorsport.

The autoshow carnival was launched by the State Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Committee chairman Datuk Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin.

Zainol said the exhibition was meant to bring together motorsports enthusiasts from all over the country. It was also held to promote motorsports as a healthy hobby among youths.

"We hope that this will foster ties among fans in the spirit of 1Malaysia.
"Instead of engaging in illegal Mat Rempit activities, we want to show youths the proper channels into which they can express their energy and passion.
"Events such as these will also encourage them to spend their free time more fruitfully," he told reporters at a press conference here.

Also present were Perak traffic police chief Supt Wan Abdullah Ishak and 1Malaysia Welfare Association president Datuk Kamarul Airi Arifin.

Visitors to the exhibition were excited to see various classic and modern cars.
The cars on display included Perodua Kancil, Perodua Myvi and Proton Satria which had been extensively modified by their owners.

Their handiwork were showcased via various categories such as Proton Standard Modified, Perodua Standard Modified, Open Standard Modified, K-ca VIP Style and Mira Look.
For bike owners, the three categories of showmanship were Spraycan + Airbrush, Classic and Vespas.

Audio system lovers got to show off their audio "personalities" through the 2 Woofers, 4 Woofers, 6-8 Woofers and open categories.

There were also sprint races for motorcycles.
Other fun-filled activities had lots of prizes and hampers to be given away.


  1. For me, one of the activities of 'Mat Rempit' is involved in several illegal racing which was held somewhere that was prescribed.

  2. I agreeing with kamal's opinion. In my opinion, Mat Rempit more finish their time by modify their motorcycle. Their purpose modify motorcycle, so that their motorcycle can achieve speed that maximum. Hereby, possibility for them win in illegal racing are high. How about nabila and syafnan opinion?

  3. To me,they should use all their abilities to earn money.For example,mat rempit have talent to modifying a motorcycle,so why not they opened a motorcycle workshop?It is good to them to get more money instead they race with other mat rempit.


  4. I agree with syafnan opinion. Mat Rempit also spend their time with doing convoy together friends. Between place which often they visit is like coast and resort area. Number of mat rempit which participated in convoy are many. Sometimes the reach hitting a hundred people

  5. So,would you join them Mr Haikal?

  6. Yes, I have followed activity konvoi. But that activity have gotten truth from the authorities..

  7. Well,i am interested to join you in future?can?hahaha

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  9. Im agree that 'mat rempit' travel in a group. As i can see, most of 'mat rempit' just having fun with their friends.. But i dont think , it is the way to do crimes.Do you think so?

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  11. i think so..but, i think the main activity of mat rempit is joined illegal racing..usually,they joined this activity during weekend night..are you agree????:)

  12. I would like to add something, they usually do in a group activity either during the race or not.this is because they rarely own activities to avoid making mistakes that can harm them while committing crimes

  13. Yes, i think what Mr Haikal said is true. Maybe, weekend is the right time to get together in their group. Weekdays, maybe hard to do their activities together because everyone have their own commitments, such as study, work and many more.

  14. Futhermore, at night weekend there are a lots of people hang out, so 'Mat Rempit' will get chance to show their greatness to the others people.They want all people know them very much.

  15. Dataran Merdeka is the most place that mat rempit like to do their action. many people rest at dataran merdeka from 12am to,mat rempit can show their skill to people.