Monday, February 7, 2011

By showing horrific acts of fun, "Mat Rempit" willing to do anything as long as they get satisfaction and praised the courage of the highlighted. Now, what are the factors that contribute to this phenomenon (illegal street racers)??   
**posted by n.najat**


  1. One of the factors of illegal street racer phenomenon or commonly called as mat rempit is the influence of friends. Normally, youth in this ages are very closed with their friend compared to other people like their family. They tend to spend a lot of time together and sharing their problems. This situation will make this community is easily affected by their friends.
    Does anybody have another factors that caused the illegal racing??????
    **post by: Mohd Haikal Anuar**

  2. yes.i agree with mr haikal which is friends give more influece to do something. nowdays, commonly, especially youth, spent more time with their friends than family. if they choose the right friends, its ok..but, if not?? its give bad implication to themselve. So, i think, education is essential as protection to make sure we think rational, what is true and false.

  3. lack of love and attention from parents also is one of the factor. actually, i think everything is start from home. family institution must be strong to avoid their children from involved in such negative activities, especially illegal races.

    my view : sense to try, in their age (youth)is other factor that contribute to this problem. yes! i agree that youth like to try something new, and sometimes they do not think their risk when they try it. so, it depends on ourself, whether we can control that feeling or not. moreover,they also like challenging his/her self, we have to nurture ourself..from trapped with this kind of thing..say no to rempit ! :)

  4. For me, I think the one factor that causes the phenomenon of illegal racing is the lack of attention from parents.Lack of attention from their parents caused the children feel their parents do not love them and so they will perform the activities involved in such negative phenomena of illegal racing because their parents are not paying attention to them anymore.
    So, these factors also are important factors that have caused the youth involved in the symptoms of 'racing'.